• Meeting time:2014.9.18-2014.9.22
  • Abstract Submission Deadline: 2014.7.31
  • Registration Deadline: 2014.8.31

Venue: Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center 
Meeting Time: September 18, 2014 - September 22, 2014
The Breast Specialist Branch of Guangdong Medical Doctor Association 

Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hospital of SYSU 

The Third Affiliated Hospital of SYSU

The First Affliated Hospital of Shenzhen University

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Xianming Wang, MD.
Xianming Wang, MD.

Director of Breast Diagnosis and Treatment Center, The First Affiliated Hospital of Shenzhen University (Shenzhen Second People's Hospital)


Current Major Professional Society Appointments:

Director of Shenzhen Professional Committee of Breast Cancer

Deputy Director of Surgery Brunch, Shenzhen Medical Association

Chairman of Shenzhen Medical Group of Thyroid and Breast Surgery

Deputy Director of Mastopathy Brunch, Guangdong Medical Association

Deputy Director of Mastopathy Brunch, Guangdong Medical Doctor Association

Standing committee member of Guangdong Professional Committee of Breast cancer

Committee member of Breast Cancer Guiding Committee, Guangdong Medical Doctor Association

Deputy Director of Mastopahy, Anhui Medical College.


Current Major Professional Magazine Appointments:

Standing Editor of Journal of Chinese Modern Surgery.
Editor of Chinese General Surgery Magazine
Editor of The Endocrinal Surgery Magazine
Engaged in clinical breast surgery


Major Clinical Contribution:

Engaged in clinical and research work of Breast Surgery for nearly 30 years.

Took the lead in importing and advocating the using of Medical Model of Humanization in Brestopathy.

Practice the clinical targeted therapy of breast cancer which the based on the type of breast cancer molecular biology and has achieved good social benefits.

Established the first breast cancer patients club which is dominated by medical stuff - "RuKang Association".


Major Research Contribution:

Leading several research subject which are supported by the Science Foundation of Guangdong Province or Shenzhen City.

Chief Editor of 3 Chinese Surgery Bibles.

Edotpr of 12 Chinese Surgery Textbook.

Published over 150 Science Papers.

Rewarded for 2 Science and Technology Progress Awards